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Panama City Beach Weddings - Find venues, services, photographers, caterers, and places to honeymoonThinking about getting married on “The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches?” Panama City Beach is the ideal place for your dream wedding and honeymoon. With beachside gazebos, beautiful weddings on the sand, quaint chapels, and elegant convention centers for those fancy indoor weddings, Panama City Beach has it all. We have award-winning photographers and other excellent vendors that are committed to making sure your wedding is flawless and unforgettable. Panama City Beach is also home to some of the most beautiful hotels, condos, and rental properties that are perfect for your honeymoon.

Some quick tips if you are interested in getting married on the beach:
-Depending on how many people are attending your wedding, you may need a special events permit. Call the city at 850.233.5100 to verify.
-There is no fee to have a wedding on the beach.
-You can apply for a marriage license at the Bay County Clerk of Courts.


For additional information and help, please check out some of the vendors listed below:

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