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Mica Specialties

Mica Specialties
Joined 2017-06-09

Mica Specialties is a Google Certified Advertising Agency founded in Panama City way back in 1992 by James & Gina Clemens. They understand the business environment of North Florida and can relate to the needs of a small business extremely well.

Mica Specialties is the only Google Certified Advertising Agency in North America that is owned and operated by a Google designated product expert for Google AdWords and Google My Business. James works directly with Google employees (Googlers) around the world almost every day. And for the past two years, James has been invited to Google’s Mountain View, California world headquarters, in the heart of Silicon Valley, for power training with the product managers and engineers of Google’s products. This is a private, invitation-only event to acquaint a small group of people with Google products and involve them in their development.

There is no one in the Southeast United States with more direct knowledge from Google on the subject of online marketing than James Clemens. James regularly writes articles which are distributed around the world by Google to help ad agencies and business owners find success online. As a Google designated product expert for Google AdWords and Google My Business– which comprises Google Search, Google Maps, SEO, SEM, Mobile Site Design, Analytics and more– James Clemens is widely recognized as a credible source for how to excel with Google online.

The ability to integrate a company’s complete digital presence at the most fundamental levels is a distinguishing feature of Mica Specialties. The founding of Mica Specialties was in computer technology, as a Microsoft partner; and then enhanced by creativity in graphic design, websites, branding, advertising, SEO, and social media management. James has been coding websites since 1996; he is well-versed in HTML, CSS, PHP and a wide range of digital platforms and systems. This understanding has proven to be extremely useful for creating client websites in sync with search engine priorities, as well as meeting the requirements of individual clients.

(850) 571-7701

11525 Hutchison Blvd. Suite 101
Panama City Beach, FL 32407