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Synergy Gold Group, LTD

The mission of KaratGold project is to create and develop a global infrastructure that will become a bridge between conventional and blockchain-based financial systems.

Joby and Denise Gay, are bringing BLOCKCHAIN technology to the Beach and beyond…powered by GOLD! As a marketing agent of Karatbars International, the Gays are very excited to offer the K-Merchant payment system to help local businesses increase their bottom line. Also, help rejuvenate financially, those merchants affected by last year’s hurricane.

With K-Merchant, businesses can now accept cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, KBC) payments with a simple scan. Retailers, restaurants, tourist attractions, online shops and anyone that accepts payment for goods or services can utilize K-Merchant WITHOUT transaction fees. This is all possible due to BLOCKCHAIN technology. A process flow via BLOCKCHAIN is unique, unmistakable and secure. The customer initiates a payment via a K-Merchant, the system validates it and the process is completed. There are no chargebacks and payments are provided weekly to the merchant. The business can then exchange into dollars and deposit in their bank or keep the payment in digital assets and let it grow (KBC can be exchanged for GOLD) Easy to integrate plug-ins will let those that have website sales start accepting crypto payments for the most popular e-commerce platforms.

“We don’t vote on technology, it just shows up. So paying credit card transaction fees is like listening to 8-track cassettes; It’s just outdated. Business owners who accept cryptos will attract new customers. It’s a $100 billion plus market and they’re looking for places to spend it.” Says Joby Gay

Other products available on the KaratNET BLOCKCHAIN: Impulse K1 smart phones, CashGold vending machine, WHIM laptops and more.

Contact us today and watch your fees go away- 888-666-0733,